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Ritchey-Chrétien or Dall Kirkham? Often you read about Dall Kirkham telescopes not always accurate and correct statements. Accordingly, the Dall Kirkham telescope would be the ultimate telescope, the "photo machine" for astrophotography with the best picture quality, the highest available field and the best star images.

Buying lens and mirrors - DIY Astronomer - .04.06.2017· 2 x Computar HG0808 FCS-HSP ultra fast CCTV lenses Very rare, high quality DC Auto iris CCTV lens designed for ultra-low light conditions. Ideally for use with CCTV cameras with a 1/2" chip, such as the Watec 902H2 series CCTV cameras. Ideal for ultra low light conditions such as night time video capture of meteors.

Telescope Eyepieces – TelescopesPlusThis is the easy, money-saving way to start your telescope eyepiece collection. A good rule of thumb is to use eyepieces that are of comparable quality to your telescope. So if you own a state-of-the-art telescope, it's wise to spend a little extra on well-crafted telescope eyepieces to enjoy your telescope's .

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Making a reflector telescope *A quick word about mirrors. The quality of reflector telescopes depends a lot on the perfection of the mirror surface. Technicians spend hours and hours of precise and painstaking work grinding and polishing the mirrors to achieve the 'concave' 'curve that they need.Gary Seronik - The Big Red One: My Optimized 6 .Attention to detail is what separates a regular Newtonian reflector from one optimized for high-contrast performance. This 6-inch f/9 uses every trick in the ATM's book to deliver superb planetary and deep-sky views. This was the first telescope I made using my own optics. Like most telescope makers, I got started the easy way, by . Continue reading "The Big Red One: My Optimized 6-inch f ...

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High magnifications are then only really useful when observing small bright objects such as the planets. More important is the objective size of the telescope (lens or mirror) which determines how much light is collected so enabling one to see objects not visible by eye or by using binoculars. Focal RatioAmazon: telescope lens kitSVBONY Telescope Lens 4mm 10mm 23mm Telescope Eyepieces Fully Coated Lens Telescope Accessories Kit Wide Angle for 1.25 inches Astronomic Telescope 4.2 out of 5 stars 190 $39.99 $ 39 . 99

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Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations.Ask Ethan: Why Don't We Build A Telescope .30.09.2017· There are lots of reasons why you might want to build a telescope without a lens or mirror, as optimizing for weight, cost, materials, light-gathering power, image quality, and resolution are ...


own a high quality instrument for a frac­ tion of the price if you build or assemble your own telescope. The object of this chapter is to help you do just that. REFLECTOR TELESCOPE KITS—You will note that there are two lists of parts printed on these pages. There is an economy kit of parts for around $27 and another kit, illustrated here ...Lens Binoculars Telephoto Diy — SoundexileTurn an Old SLR Lens Into a Telescope | Diy telescope ... 12X Zoom Telescope Mobile Telephoto (end 6/12/2019 11:47 AM) ... Universal Clips Phone Lens Kit Telescope HD 12x Optical ... IPRee 10-30x Telephoto Telescope Monocular Camera Lens ...

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26.01.2012· Want To Make A Giant Telescope Mirror? Here's How Astronomers want increasingly large telescopes to peer into the depths of space. To build a solid telescope mirror nearly 30 feet across, you need ...Building making homemade telescopes .Building making homemade telescopes amateur information, Dobsonian, byot services. TELESCOPE CONSTRUCTION WAYS TO MAKE YOUR OWN TELESCOPE 1)Build Your Own Telescope Kit This is designed for individuals who wish to construct an 8" Reflecting Telescope including grinding and polishing the main mirror.

Portable Deep-Sky Astrophotography Kit for .A portable deep sky astrophotography kit is essential for those who must travel to dark skies to capture images. A portable astrophotography setup should be lightweight, simple and reliable. The following setup uses a tracking mount, telescope and DSLR camera to collect images of deep-sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae.

AstroMediaShop Build your own telescope with .It shows an upside down picture like most astronomical telescopes. The kit contains a set of high quality achromatic glass lenses, a tripod adapter, cardboard fittings, instructions, and a shopping list for your local DIY store. Objective lens: Achromat, 40 mm, f=450 mm. Eyepiece: Plössl, 15 mm, f=15 mm. Length of the telescope: 53 cm

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